You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and while you’re over-the-moon excited, you are also unsure what to do next. A million questions come flooding into your brain. Which midwife or doctor will you choose? Will you have a home or hospital birth? Do you want to have no medications, maybe a little, or a lot? Perhaps you already had a baby before, and know you’d like to do things differently this time. Maybe you had a cesarean and want to have a VBAC. You might want to be able to talk about your wishes, hopes, and fears, for this baby’s birth while getting feedback that is bias-free. Or, you already know exactly what you want and it includes having someone to encourage both you & your partner through the process. You want to make sure you understand what’s happening at every step along the way; similar to a tour guide! 

A labor/birth doula is a non-medical support person with training and experience in childbirth. As your doulas, our job is to assist you in clarifying your birth choices; provide informational resources on any questions you may have; support you & your partner (if applicable) physically and emotionally with non-judgmental compassion from pregnancy through immediate postpartum.

At Summer Birth Services, we happily refer you to qualified and compassionate doulas in the area to serve your family.


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