Postpartum, or the fourth trimester, refers to the time period after the baby is born. Some consider this time frame to be a few weeks, and others say, “You’re postpartum the rest of your life!” While this time is often filled with joyous celebration of the new person who’s joined your family, it can also be a time of great transition.  Summer Birth Services is ready to come alongside you in this time, with an array of options to fit your unique family and your specific needs.
A postpartum doula is a non-medical professional with training and experience in supporting the postpartum family. As your postpartum doula, our job is to help you make a plan to ease the transition into life with your new baby. This role is part physical ~ we perform some daily tasks (such as light housework, sibling care) to give you time to rest, recover and bond; part emotional ~ we discuss with you (and if applicable, your partner) feelings about the birth, address any concerns, and serve as a sounding board in those hectic early weeks.
A lactation counselor has specialized training in breastfeeding counseling, assessment, and support skills. Our CLC, Nicole, brings additional skills to the table which allow her a broader practice platform.

1 prenatal visit to develop a relationship and make a care plan according to your unique wishes. This is also offered to families who book services after baby’s birth.

Postpartum visits may include: light housework, emotional support, meal preparation, sibling and/or newborn care, feeding assistance and referrals, errand running

Set up and maintenance of online meal planner (if wanted)

24/7  phone/text/email support for time of hire

Access to lending library and private client area

10% discount on birth doula services

Detailed understanding of where nursing relationship is & where you would like it to be

Assessment of baby’s latch and position

Visual inspection for lip and tongue tie

Infant suck training

Information on hunger cues, how the body makes milk, and how to build/maintain a healthy milk supply

Customized plan of action to achieve the goals of the family

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