breastfeeding rolla

Breastfeeding is a natural process…however, it doesn’t always come naturally to parents or babies.

Many families are able to nurse their babies with little or no disruptions. Sometimes, though, there are challenges or concerns where professional assistance may be helpful. This can include things like difficulty latching, tongue or lip ties, prolonged nipple or breast pain, and infant weight loss.  In these situations, our skilled Lactation Counselor is here to provide you with education, information, and support in the privacy of your own home, so that you can make informed decisions and achieve your feeding goals. Our goals are your goals, whatever they may be. There is no judgment here!  We also provide lactation counseling services for families entering a new phase of lactation, such as pumping/storing milk for returning to work, bringing in milk for an adoption, and weaning.

Comprehensive Counseling Session

  • Detailed understanding of where the nursing relationship currently is and where the family would like it to be
  • Assessment of baby’s latch and position
  • Visual inspection for lip and tongue tie
  • Infant suck training
  • Information on hunger cues, how the body makes milk, and how to build/maintain a healthy milk supply
  • Customized plan of action to achieve the goals of the family

Investment $125

Additional visits $80/hr (billed in thirty minute increments)