FedEx Small Business Grant

We are working hard to grow this agency, in order to better serve our community. In researching options for growth, I stumbled upon the FedEx Small Business Grant  and thought…sure, why not? At best, we’ll win one of the grants (there are five available) and at worst, I’ll have wasted a bit of my time.

What I didn’t expect was the immediate, positive impact it would have. Because we applied for this, I made a short video, streamlined all the social media outlets, and shared our story more than I usually would. We’ve been able to reach more people than we would have otherwise, letting them know that doulas are an option for their births and postpartum days.

I’m proud of us for getting out of our comfort zones and working hard to spread the word of not only this grant contest, but also Summer Birth Services in general. I’m also incredibly grateful for all the clients, friends, and family members who have voted/shared our grant page. Thank you!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our page, click here. Remember to vote and share!


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