Meet Summer


Summer’s journey to serving birthing families began during her teenage years, when her mother chose to have her younger brothers at home with a midwife.  Although it would be several years before she could put a name to that light, she believes the flame of service was lit at that very moment. With time, that flame has grown stronger and pushed her to pursue multiple avenues of being with woman. These avenues have included training with ToLabor (formerly ALACE), Hypnobabies®, and ProDoula as a birth doula, IPPA as a placenta encapsulation and postpartum specialist, Stillbirthday as a birth and bereavement doula; becoming a La Leche League Leader and many hours of continuing education each year.

It is an honor to be invited into a family for such an intimate event, to bear witness to a baby being born, a family finding their strength, digging deeper than they ever knew they could. This honor is one that Summer does not take lightly. It comes with a fierce love and deep devotion to the families she serves, as well as a continuous pursuit of information, education and experiences in order to provide high quality services.