Mini Birth Skills Workshop

Last month, Summer Birth Services offered the Birth Skills WorkshopFor the month of June, we’re offering a miniature version of the popular class, the Mini Birth Skills Workshop. This class will focus on all the same great information as the full one, just in a more condensed format. First, class participants will get a brief overview of the labor/birth process, including the unique structure of the pelvis and how it relates to birth. Next, we’ll discuss how to apply this knowledge and some tips/tricks. Finally, we’ll do some hands-on practicing of skills such as counter pressure (when, where, why) and breathing.

No matter what your birth preferences are, home or hospital, medicated or unmedicated, this class will give you tools to put in your birth toolbox.

Class size is limited, so please register early to reserve your spot by using the registration form. You can also visit this page to see the full range of class options offered to expectant families in the Rolla/Fort Leonard Wood area.


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